Many visitors to a shopping centre in Loughborough will have no idea they are walking above a pub trapped in time.

The Green Man lies underneath Carillon Court shopping centre with the entrance to it sitting directly underneath four units in the mall.

The once-popular watering hole closed in 1993 and the doors later walled up during renovation work at the centre.

At the time, Carillon Court bosses said it would cost too much to create a new access, so the pub may never be used again.

Fast forward 27 years and the hidden pub will become a talking point again thanks to a new book, Leicestershire Live reports.

Four friends who met when they went to Loughborough University have written a novel featuring characters from the pub.

The Green Man pub closed in 1993

All four are in a writing group called Ruler’s Wit and one of them Karen Ette, used to go to the Green Man so she spoke to around 25 regular drinkers about their memories of the pub.

The pub has three huge murals painted by artist David Parry
The bag of peanuts date back to 1993

This has allowed them to feature some of the legends of the boozer into the book which was also written by Stephen Ashurst, Melinda Ingram and Donna Shepherd.

The plot sees the characters visit various other settings within Loughborough.

The urinals in the pub
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Ms Shepherd said: “Karen told us about the underground pub that she had visited many years ago. Min and I were fascinated - seeing as we are not local to Loughborough, although I attended university there from 2009 to 2015.

"We gathered together pictures and agreed that the old pub was the perfect setting.”

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Baljit Kooner inside the pub in 2011
Potential developers have viewed the site since the pub closed

Despite serving its last pint in the 90s the Green Man's bar and benches are still intact, along with giant murals depicting scenes of castles and knights.

On its walls are three huge murals painted by artist David Parry which have remained untouched.

An empty beer glass in the pub
The pub's entrance sits directly underneath four units in the mall

There is even a bag of peanuts dating from 1993, as well as scores of empty beer glasses.

Potential developers have viewed the site since the pub closed but decided it was too costly to take on.

Carillon Court shopping centre in Loughborough

Speaking in 2011, Baljit Kooner, Carillon Court manager, said: “At the moment the pub trade is declining, lots of them seem to be being bought by Tesco to make them into Express stores.

“But I don’t think even Tesco would want to put a shop down there. The whole place looks like a castle inside, the pictures are very impressive.

“It is also pretty clean as well – there are not as many cobwebs as you’d think.”

The Green Man’s Dark Secret is available to buy on Amazon.

Ruler’s Wit is now working on a non-fiction companion book about the pub, which tells the real stories that they collected during their research.